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Breast Augmentation



Breast augmentation using CAL has the following characteristics.

The natural finish

The fat injected by CAL becomes living tissue in the patient’s body, so it can give soft, warm, and natural results. The resulting breast will become larger if you gain weight, or smaller if you lose weight, and sag naturally as you age.

Meet various desires

Fat is a fluid tissue, so delicate formations are possible. It is possible to perform surgery to meet various desires, such as “improve left-right breast differences,” “partial shape adjustment,” and “the size of the breast is not a problem but I want plump décolleté.”


With CAL, a scar of approximately 5 mm in size occurs at fat suction sites, but otherwise there are no scars.

Effect of the stem cells

A disadvantage of conventional fat injection is that “the injected fat will be absorbed and disappear,” but with CAL the stem cell concentration is increased so that fat survival is improved by the actions of stem cells.

The process till surgery is as following

The follows are the typical example. There's a possibility the follows will change.

Before visit to Japan

Please make an appointment for consultation by internet. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Visit to Japan : 1st day

1.initial consultation
2.pre-operative examinations

8th day


9th day


Our policy to accept the patients from abroad and to perform the operation. We will accept the patient

  1. Who has indication for our procedure. (But it will be finally judged by first consultation with our doctor and the result of pre-operative examination.)

  2. Who is not infected with HIV.

  3. Who agrees to submit the copy of passport.

  4. Who can speak Japanese or English.