Flow of the operation

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Flow of the operation

Flow of the operation

Surgery performed using the CAL soft tissue augmentation procedure begins with general anesthesia, followed by liposuction, cell treatment, and lipoinjection.

1, Anesthesia

The patient is put under general anesthesia and does not feel pain.


Through a tiny incision in the skin, a narrow metallic tube is inserted and a liposuction pump is used to suction subcutaneous fat.

3,Cell Processing

Stem cells are obtained from parts of the aspirated fat and mixed with the fat to be re-injected.


The fat mixed with stem cells is transplanted by a special injector for lipo-transplantation, little by little over a wide area in order to prevent it from becoming a lump.

5.After Surgery

The needle puncture on the skin from the lipoinjection may appear red after the surgery, although it will gradually disappear within one to two months.Mild swelling occurs on the suctioned area or the injected area, although it will dissolve on its own within one month. Pain that is felt when the treated area is touched will disappear within two to four weeks.A burning sensation may be experienced around the suctioned area, although it will disappear within a month.Parts of the injected fat are gradually absorbed into the surrounding tissue, and the absorption will stabilize within three months.