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Removing Implant and CAL
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Removing Implant and CAL

Cellport Clinic Yokohama can perform the CAL augmentation procedure and the removal of artificial implant simultaneously. By replacing the artificial implant with fat taken from patient’s own body, the “real” breast, soft and natural, can be achieved.

Example of Silicon Implant Removal and CAL Augmentation Procedure Performed Simultaneously

Aftereffects of Silicon Implant

70 percent of the entire aftereffects of cosmetic plastic surgery are caused by artificial implants. Breast augmentation by implant can have a drastic increase in the size of the breast relatively easily, but there are number of complications that may be caused by implant, such as capsular contracture (deform by hardening), rupture or leakage of the implant, deformation of breast or asymmetry, infection, or implants exposure from skin necrosis. On reclining, the unnatural height and shape will show that there is an implant, and the implant will be visible to others through x-ray on medical checkup.

Capsular Contracture

When a foreign material enters the body, the immune system reacts to it by surrounding the material with thick knitted collagen fiber. This is called capsule, and it tightens the implant inside the body, causing contracture. When capsular contracture occurs, the breast hardens like a rock, and there is a pain and deformation in the breast where implant is inserted.

Rupture or Leakage of the Implant

The implant containing saline solution or silicone gel can rupture inside the body. A hole could be punctured during the implant operation, and it may leak on receiving strong shock. Even when there is no apparent hole in the implant, the contents are known to leak with the time. In an occasion when the saline solution implant is ruptured, the saline solution is quickly absorbed in the body, so the breast shrinks down abruptly. The breast also shrinks down gradually when the silicone gel implant is ruptured, but the silicone gel outside of the implant infiltrate into the body, and as a result, it is known to cause strong pain, infection, foreign body reaction, and fatigue. A strong deformation of breast is also one of the known results.