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CAL to breast
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CAL to breast


CELLPORT CLINIC YOKOHAMA provides breast augmentation surgery that utilizes the CAL soft tissue augmentation procedure. Adipose-Derived Cells (ADCs), which include adipose-derived stem cells, are extracted from adipose tissue that is obtained using liposuctioning the abdominal region or thighs. The aspirated fat is known to be relatively stem cell-deficient compared to regular fat, so it is supplemented with ADCs before transplantation. The supplemented aspirated fat, which now contains a high concentration of stem cells, is injected little by little, layer to layer, into each breast in order to obtain diffuse distribution of transplanted fatty tissue.

This procedure will show dramatic results by increasing breast volume roughly equivalent to two bra-cup sizes (corresponds to 5.0 cm increase in breast circumference). The degree of breast enhancement is unprecedented using conventional lipoinjection procedures.

In addition, transplanted fat that survives in the breasts with a beautiful shape and the desired size will be maintained in each breast in the rest of your life with a normal aging change.

Breast Reconstruction using the CAL Soft Tissue Augmentation Procedure

  • At present, the rate of breast cancer ranks number one among all types of cancer that Japanese women have, and every year, about 60,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer (Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare). The breast cancer rate continues to grow every year and it has doubled in the last 20 years. Compared to western countries such as the United States, the cancer rate in Japan is about one-third. However, it is expected to approach the rate in western countries. Heredity, late child-bearing, early first menstruation, late menopause, and abnormal hormone balance are among the suspected causes. Also, the dietary habit has become more westernized compared with the past, and a more fatty diet is also considered a cause of breast cancer.Breast reconstruction surgery performed at Cellport Clinic Yokohama uses a method of transplanting the adipose tissue and adipose-derived stem cells from the abdomen and thigh into breast after breast conservation therapy. Since it does not use artificial materials, formation of soft and natural breasts is possible and post-operative capsular contracture will not occur. Fat is injected through the eye of a needle, which is different from artificial materials and tissue transplantation operations, so that scars will not remain noticeable after the surgery.