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About CAL

CAL soft tissue augmentation operation is a highly advanced medical technology that extracts the stem cells from the fat from your own body, is mixed with the fat for transplanting, and then injected into the body. It is lipo-transplantation rich with stem cells and compared to the conventional lipo-transplantation, the survival rate of the fat is much higher. Also, by the use of special syringe, the fat is transplanted thoroughly in very small portions all around the breast, making the fat difficult to become lumps. It is a treatment that can make soft and natural breasts.

A large number of stem cells exist in adipose tissue. When stem cells are transplanted into different parts of the body, they exist in the new areas as Adipocytes helping to form new blood vessels. As a result, the transplanted fat will survive in the surrounding tissue and become part of that tissue.

It is known that very small amount of stem cells are contained inside the liposuctioned fat. The conventional lipo-transplantation uses the fat that has low density of stem cells, and as a result, not much fat survives. It is also known that the volume resulted in the operation is difficult to maintain. In CAL soft tissue augmentation operation, in addition to extracting the stem cells from the liposuctioned fat, it is also extracted from the liquid part that is obtained during the liposuction process. Because the fat is mixed with many stem cells gathered in such way and then transplanted, the transplanted fat has a high density of stem cells. The transplanted stem cells become new fat cells, blood cells, or guide the making of new blood vessels, and help the fat to survive. Also, when the transplanted fat cells die, the stem cells become the next generation fat cells. That is how the rich, full tissue can be maintained.