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Cellport Clinic Yokohama is Japan’s first clinic specializing in Advanced Medical Cosmetic Surgery, which has opened in the Kanagawa Bio-Medical Industrial Park as a special medical institution to offer advanced medical cosmetic surgery.

Cellport Clinic Yokohama performs CAL soft tissue augmentation operation. This is a treatment that uses the patient’s own soft tissue and stem cells. Traditionally, these treatments have been undertaken by transplanting artificial materials and foreign materials such as a silicon bag and collagen. In the CAL soft tissue augmentation operation, fat is suctioned from thigh or abdomen and transplanted into breasts, face, or buttocks after the cell treatment. This treatment uses Adipose-Derived Stem Cells obtained from the patient him/herself and does not require a wide incision.

Cellport Clinic Yokohama provides medical treatments that use the patient’s own Adipocytes. We have equipped the clinic with medical and cell processing facilities that are necessary for this advanced treatment, and we have arranged a system that can provide medical treatment with a high level of safely and effectiveness.

We will provide medical services with a personal touch. We will make every effort in order for the patient to have a comfortable stay at the clinic.

To respond exactly to the patient’s request using advanced medical techniques and unparalleled hospitality. That is our mission.